About six weeks ago my dad drove me to an oral surgeon in Rochester to have my wisdom teeth taken out under moderate sedation. A few days before that, my mom had had knee replacement surgery at Noyes Hospital in Dansville, and she was settling in to the rehab facility in Mt. Morris just as the oral surgeon got cracking on my mandibles. After the procedure, Dad and I stopped in Mt. Morris to visit Mom before heading home. My brain was still soggy and struggling to stay afloat when, at Dad’s suggestion, I took the following notes.


Wisdom teeth out today 6/22
I have them in a bag
riding home with dad stopped
at Mt. Morris nursing home
rehab to visit mom, she
was lying down wearing a blue
listening to Hauschka
I don’t remember getting up from
the chair after it was done
keep trying to swallow
the clouds were puffy
I told mom my new bike
was arrived

Home now

Mt. Morris rehab/nursing home like a
castle remember the walk out
to the car, & views
down around the castle and so on
the woman interviewing mom did she
what did she want for meals
she sent me home then, take
this boy home she has a grabber
claw for picking up objects
not in reach

Dad suggested I write some stuff down
before I fall asleep
just waiting for the pain to
settle in new tenants no
sublettors in my four vacancies

He had to by all accounts take away
bits of bone with the teeth
At some point on the drive I realized
that we would not be stopping
for any smoothies

Well on our way to

My eyes are closing down any
final remarks to store in the
newfound a newfound cavern
of the jaws where cave
paintings viewed by flickering
firelight the oldest
earliest form of animation

I’m chewing on gross gauze &
my first saltwater rinse is coming
but there were clouds
we we we we were
looking at them
The oral surgeon said my cysts
were storing up
NUTS for the winter squirrels
German music will come at you
hard & fast from one or the other
side it’ll be like
bo glar goat

Just when I think I’m at my
up to my most
at the top of my cat’s
jammy dance
Then I discover my eyes have
been closed for who knows
how many minutes
Can spinach be made with smoothies?
I wanted to remember that
way mom looked at the
Rehab place & wanted
she looked a whole lot better
than at Noyes & wanted
her to come home to take
care of me mee meet me
in montauk